You Make Time For What Is Important To You

For years I did not take my physical health seriously. I always used the excuse that I was too tired or did not have enough time. I bought a membership to the gym and never used it because I didn't want others to see how silly I looked working out. I had body image issues and didn't want anyone to see how flabby my body was. So, every January 1st as my New Year Resolution I would commit to working out. I would say to myself, this year is different. This year I am going to work out EVERYDAY! Then after about a week, I would quit. 

Did you decide that for your New Year Resolution you were going to commit to your fitness health and would start going to the gym? Did you quit after week one? Did you struggle in week two? Are you now deciding to give up during week three?

Most people commit to change and then revert back to their old ways after two weeks. That is why it is important to make change a part of your daily routine. The key obstacle is to NEVER quit! Do not allow your mind to tell you that you don't have time. You can always find time. You will make time when something is important to you.

In order to stay healthy and fit, you do not have to go to the gym. You can watch fitness Youtube videos from the comfort of your own home. You can go for a run, jog or a long walk. You can practice yoga or take up Zumba. Make fitness a part of your daily routine. You can workout first thing in the morning or before dinner. Or maybe it is easier for you to do it during your lunch time. Whatever works for you. You can do an intense workout for 5 mins or a slower pace for 30 mins. It is what is convenient for you. And remember to never quit!

Love Yourself!

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