Why Your Spiritual Health is the Most Important Thing

Spiritual Health, Your religious faith, values, beliefs, principles, and morals define who you are.

"You cannot become who you are until you know whose you are." 

It took me awhile to understand this phrase. You see, I always told myself that I believed in God. I thought my belief was because I occasionally went to church. I prayed when things were bad. I praised him when things were good and I listened to worship music on Sundays. 

Little did I know that believing in God did not mean you pray when things are bad or you praise when things are good.

Or, that you try your best not to curse on Sundays.

Or, that you listen to worship music.

Or, that you walk around telling people that you believe in God.

Or, that you have to defend your belief in God.

Or, that you pray over your food before you eat it.

Or, that you walk around with a cross on.

Or, that you can recite you favorite Bible verse.

Or, that you have a cross hanging up in your home.

Or, you walk around talking about how other people are not saved by him.

When you know whose you are. You choose him first. You put him first. You walk in his faith. You live in his purpose. You pray that he uses you. You serve others. You ask him first before making a decision. You hear him. You feel him. You connect with him. When things are bad, you praise him. When things are good, you pray to him. You live, breathe and move in his purpose. You testify to him. You testify to others. You know your purpose. You smile when things are going wrong. You're humble when things are going good. You are blessed with his strength. You beg him for his forgiveness. You forgive others. You give your life to him! 

"You are who you are by knowing whose you are."

~Lisa Smith-Williams

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