Update: April's Battle with Cancer

Yesterday, I received the incredible news that my first major scan post chemo was clear! And I’m still cancer free!!! 
Up until yesterday I have proceeded with cautious optimism since my last treatment on 12.28. Yesterday’s news was a day of happy tears and an incredible step in my remission! 
As I find myself on the other side of cancer, I Iook back on those five months of treatment with gratitude. My greatest fear was realized in the diagnosis, but through it I saw such immense kindness on behalf of family, friends and even strangers. Treatment was one of the hardest physical and mental things I’ve ever endured. But what carried me through was my faith in God and noting the many blessings in the storm. So many people touched my heart and their support filled my spirit on the darkest of days. 
I’m so thankful for my dear family and friends who gave of their time and money to fly in to sit with me during biopsies and chemo. And those awesome friends and family that held my hand at chemo and rallied through the long arduous process. The loved ones who sent food our way so we wouldn’t have to worry about what we were eating on chemo days. The sweet care packages of goodies that lifted my spirits. The cards, songs and messages filled with words of inspiration that I received all throughout treatment. The prayers of many I knew and some I didn’t know who prayed through church groups. My dear mother in law who did our laundry, took care of our pets and kept our house going when I didn’t have the strength. My sweet friends who surprised me with a beat cancer party and allowed me to really celebrate for the first time in Feb. And my husband, my cancer battle partner and best friend who wiped every tear and spoke positivity in this situation when I couldn’t. Whose loved me unconditionally and fully lived out our vows to love in both sickness and health.

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