Transformation Tuesday with Huma Shami

Today I wanted to share my journey with you. 
It took me 20 years to follow my passion. I always had a passion for skin care but I couldn’t follow my dream; let’s just say life happened lol. I started working in a school and every year I would think about leaving and doing what I want to do but then fear came around and I thought “what if it doesn’t work out?”
Finally, a couple of years ago my husband encouraged me to follow my passion and I decided to take the leap of faith. I left my job and went to school to get my laser hair removal technician license. I was so eager to learn, that I completed all the steps and got my professional license.
However, nobody would hire me because I didn’t have experience. I applied to so many places but no luck. I started working for free at one spa. I was going every day just to learn and get better, and I started going to school at the same time to become an esthetician. After some time, I started applying again and finally one med spa hired me as a laser tech.  I learned a lot but unfortunately the location was not doing great business wise so the owner decided to close it. After that I worked at couple of places but they didn’t work out so well. My work ethic and their work style didn’t match. I realized it was time to take control of my life and start working independently. Best decision ever!!!
It took me long time to get the courage to follow my dream. Today I am my own boss and I am so happy. I won’t say it’s easy but I can say for sure that it’s totally worth it, you just have to have a strong work ethic and remember that it’s a lot of hard work.
If you have a dream or goal just follow it, you can do it. Just do your part and be consistent. As for the rest, HE will step in and take care of it. 
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