Transformation Tuesday with Ashley Smith

Transformation Tuesday
Ashley experience a pain that no one wants to experience, which is the lost of a child. It was then when she discovered the true meaning of Faith and worshipping God. Please read her powerful transformation below.
I knew God but I didn't know God.

At 16 trying to wrap my head around being a young mother to a son with chronic disabilities , just finishing high school my life had changed. Cameron became my best friend, my teacher in a special kind of motherhood and such a blessing in my life. I had my days(I should say we) ups and downs but the one thing I knew I could count on was a smile from Cameron. No matter what or how he himself was feeling he had a smile to give! I didn't attend church, had no interest in going, turned down many invites but I did pray. Life went on, I had more children but things took a drastic change April 2017. Two weeks after Cameron's 18th birthday with me by his side, holding his hands I watched him close his eyes to never open them again. Talk about a STORM! But when I say GOD overcame me and gave me a peace BEYOND my understanding Id be saying the least! I cant and dare not give the glory to anyone other than God that I was able to hold my head up with a smile on my face JUST like Cameron always did. I couldn't put into words when people would ask was I okay, how am I so strong, how did I manage to bath my son after he had passed or even how am I still sane! It was what I now know, is the Holy power of God that brought me through. Thank you Jesus!

Six months later after many invitations to THE TREE I decided to take my other kids and go! The instant I walked in the building I could feel His presence and was showered with love from strangers. I needed to be there, I was supposed to be there and be there at that time. He saved me! He chose me! My life hasn't been the same ever since but its been better! I love God and He loves me and YOU! He didn't take me through the storm to leave me but to show me He has always been there and always will be there. The difference now is I know how to listen, trust, believe and have all faith in Him. A year and few months later and after getting to serve for the Lord, I was asked to be the Membership Care Director of THE TREE! My God, me, the woman who didn't go to church and didn't even know what ministry was. They saw fit in me to love and care for our members. WOW!! Nobody but God. I love it and I'm ever so thankful.
Life is life. Times will be great and times will be bad. Being saved doesn't mean I'm exempt from troubles but it does mean I know a God who will never leave nor forsake me. And the same goes for you, you and YOU! I shall worry about nothing but pray about everything.
Whatever you may go through DON'T QUIT because trust & believe we serve a God who will NOT quit on you.
~Ashley Smith

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