Transformation Tuesday-Rapper Brandy "B" Encourages Women to Follow Your Dreams

Lisa Smith-Williams

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As woman we are often told that we can't do a lot of things. We are paid lower in our careers and have to work twice as hard to prove ourselves. Today's Transformation Tuesday highlights a woman that is defeating the odds.

Rapper Brandy "B" is defeating the odds. Being from a small town, a woman and starting her rap career at a later age has definitely had it's obstacles. But, Brandy "B" is trumping her odds, and pushing toward her dreams. We had the opportunity to interview Brandy "B" and the advice she has for "all women".

Brandy "B", Why did you change your career and pursue music? "Music has always been an outlet to anything I've gone through or encountered in life, so I choose it because I had a story to tell."

What obstacles did you have to overcome by changing your career? "Fear of what others may say or think, but I had to stop worrying of what others thought and start believing in myself and pursue my dream."

What motivates your writing? "Passed and current events in my life and the people around me going through the same things."

Has the transition starting a new career been difficult? "Yes it has, being a female pursuing a music career has not been easy, for the simple fact we have to work harder in gaining respect in the game by male artist. As well as finding your own style, path and ways within your music."

Who is your support team? "My 80'MOBB DIVA ENT. Family of course"

How long have you been wanting to pursue music? "Since I was a child, I just wish the knowledge I know now, I knew then growing up."

If you had any advice to give women when pursuing their dreams, what would it be? "To never give up what you truly love & that it is never too late to do what you've always dreamed to do. It may take time, but time is definitely what you have if you have the heart for it, so just do it. We only live once so live it up to your fullest potential with no regrets"

You can catch one of Brandy "B"s' shows all over the city of Texas. Please see the following for a list of shows.

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