Transformation Tuesday

Transformation Tuesday is here!
Meet April Laland, Author, Minister, Speaker and founder of Women-2-Women Associates. She discusses her drug addiction and how she has spiritually been saved. Such an inspiration!

My Road to Recovery was one of the most difficult paths on my Life's Journey. Addiction is a devastator of families, a demolisher of self worth and a degrader of humanity. I had to fight for every inch of my recovery and even now I can NEVER be complacent in my Sobriety. It was a long, hard, battle back to normalcy without drugs but I'm grateful for EVERY obstacle I was able to overcome. God restored everything I lost because of my addiction and each day of my 15 years Sober is a testimony to the power of the Truth in God's Promises. The Lord in my life is the ONLY reason I survived addiction and it is by the Grace of God I am an Advocate for Living Spiritually Sober! I will continue to be a voice for the voiceless lost in addition living as a reflection of the Light of The Kingdom.....

April ❤

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  • April, you are an amazing being!! I am so grateful to know you. Each time you share your story my heart releases so much joy being a witness to God’s amazing grace. Today I celebrate you! Continue to encourage us as you walk the walk of boldness, perseverance and authenticity.


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