Transformation Tuesday

Transformation Tuesday

I didn't know that I struggled with anxiety until I left work one day with symptoms of a heart attack. I was scared. All testing returned normal, but I was not normal. Something was wrong. 

"You have anxiety", my doctor said. 

I was under too much stress. Full time job, mother of two, wife... Trying to be perfect at it all was weighing on me more than I knew. 
So I made the decision to stay home with my kids, start my own business and focus on my mental health because I am good to no one, when I'm not good to myself. 

So, I take the time I need to regroup and recharge to stay healthy. I have embraced "no" as a complete sentence and am totally okay with everything on my to do list not getting done. 

I've never felt better.

Verlincia Prince-Owner of Vee Dot Prints

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