Transformation Tuesday

Hello Beauties!
Today is Transformation Tuesday and I am sharing a testimony of a long time friend of mine, Jessica. Please read her testimony below on why she decided to live a healthier life. Thank you for sharing Jessica!

If you would like your testimony shared in order to help others, just send us a message.

Love yourself!

It was May of 2012, and I found myself looking back at pictures that I took the Easter that had just past. I remember looking at pictures that I took with my mother, children, and friends. I was extremely larger than everyone. I had never seen myself that large. That is when I decided to make a change to be healthier and lose the unwanted weight. I weighed in at 272 pounds. This was the largest that I had ever been. On top of being obese I have a heart disease called WPW that was constantly giving me issues, and had me with unwanted trips to the emergency room here and there. I remember telling my husband that I was ready to get the weight off me, and this time I was going to be committed to it.

Everything that I have been through on my weight loss journey brings me to where I am now. I have lost a total of 101 pounds. I was wearing a size 20, 22 in women’s plus size, and now I am wearing a size 7, 8. While I still have heart disease, I do not have any symptoms, and I am not on any medication. God has really done amazing things with this weight loss journey, but through it all He has showed me how to stay humble and understand that my testimony isn’t for me. My goal from this point on is to help people get to a healthy weight, and stay there through having fun and finding what workout and diet works best for them. I’m continuing to teach Zumba classes, as well as attending the classes of those women that I did before I became licensed. To further my knowledge and ability to fulfill my goals of helping others, I am in training and should be a certified personal trainer by the end of July. I hope that God is able to use me to his highest capacity, and I pray that I continue to exercise humility through it all.

Jessica Collins

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