Transformation Tuesday

Hello Beauties,

Today is Transformation Tuesday! If you would like your fitness or life journey featured, please respond to this blog or email us at Stories will be featured every Tuesday.

Meet Lydia,
She decided to make a decision to transform her life to live a healthier one in 2016. She has had phenomenal results and I am so inspired by her.

Please read her testimony below:

I chose a healthier lifestyle because I wanted to feel better about myself, in all aspects of my mind, body & soul. I started surrounding myself with people who could better educate me on eating cleaner foods, developing my dedication to fitness which then allowed me to strengthen my relationship with God.

The one major life changing event was moving with my husband to Tucson Arizona. The move basically took away unnecessary distraction b/c it was just my husband and I in a city where we really didn’t know anyone. It allowed me to search deep within myself to find true purpose. Long story short, I competed in my first National Physique Committee (NPC) competition in 2017 where I did very well. This stuck a chord within me to continue on in this sport.

I also realized that living a healthier lifestyle really aids the way I think about myself. The MIND is a powerful thing and living a healthier lifestyle provides a solid foundation to think positively about myself and my purpose in life. While I LOVE the sport of bodybuilding I see it has a lighthouse to my true purpose, not a destination.

While God has not yet revealed my exact purpose I know that it involves helping other people to love them-self and speak their truth.

Lydia Munroe

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