Taking Care of You!

Today I want to write about how important it is to take care of you!

You see, I lost myself along the way for not thinking about taking care of me. I would work long hours because I was not taking care of me. Would never say the word no. Allowed stress to dictate my life. Allowed stress to dictate my future. Laid in the bed all day from being depressed. Would binge eat or sometimes not eat at all. Worried about what other people thought of me. Trying to be someone that I was not meant to be. Dwelled on my past and did not focus on my present or my future.

It is important to take care of you. You only get one you. Take care of your body by eating smart, being active and getting regular annual exams. Take care of your mind by living stress free, feed your mind positivity, and be aware of your mental health. Do not be afraid to seek help if needed.

Love yourself!

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