National Heart Disease Awareness Month

February is National Heart Disease Awareness Month! 

Heart disease is preventable in most cases and your chances of developing Heart Disease can be lowered by eating healthy, exercise and reducing stress. You can change your diet by eating foods with low fat or reducing the amount of salt you intake. Fit exercise in your daily routine. You can simply go for daily walks, use fitness videos or join a gym. Whichever is more comfortable for you. Reduce your stress level by getting plenty of sleep and practicing stress relieving activities like meditation or yoga.

Go RED for the month of February. Help us spread awareness!

5% of our proceeds will be donated to WomenHeart:The National Coalition of Women with Heart Disease for the month of February.

Below are a list of charities you can also donate to:

American Heart Association

Central Medical American Outreach

National Stroke Association

 Co-Owner-Lisa Williams

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