Mother's Day, Transformation Tuesday with Dominique Williams

In honor of Mother's Day, here is a person who is rocking it at the role of a stepmom. Being a step parent has it's challenges but Dominique handles is with ease. Please read her encouraging testimony. 

The best advice I can give as a stepmom to others entering into a blended family or already apart of one and second guessing whether you can continue on in it (I’ve been there a few times) is....just surrender. I spent the majority of this marriage trying to fix what I never broke, wondering what I’m doing wrong, stressing over why things aren’t the way I’ve envisioned them and why others aren’t living up to my expectations. All I’ve done is waste precious time that I can never get back. As a Christian, I know what my Faith teaches me, give it to God! But one day I actually did and I left it there. I focused on my marriage, honoring my marriage (listening to my husbands advice). I learned to actual let him lead this family and my job as his wife is to pray for him and us. My husband has always included me on every decision and always listened to my advice but I wasn’t following his. Once I actually started to do just that, things started changing. I stopped trying to please people outside of my marriage and our children. I realized that what God says about me is more important what man says! I AM fearfully and wonderfully made! So my best advice is never forget that you are loved, worthy, valued, important, enough and stronger than you may feel at times, pray continuously and remember that God is!

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