Sometimes we feel that we are at our lowest. That everything is going wrong. We often ask ourselves, did I piss off God? What did I do to deserve this? Everything is going wrong. I can't take another punch to the gut. 

Well, I am here to tell you God is just preparing you for your breakthrough. He is getting you ready for your destiny and his blessings. Just listen and follow his path that he has for you. 

Your car broke down? BREAKTHROUGH! Your blessed with a new one.

You lost your job? BREAKTHROUGH! Your blessed with a new one with more pay, benefits, and closer to home.

Your business is failing? It wasn't for you. BREAKTHROUGH! You started a new one that you are more passionate about and now your wealth will provide for your kids, kids.

Getting a divorce? BREAKTHROUGH! That partner has served their purpose in your life, now it is time to move on.

Money tight? BREAKTHROUGH! Now you have more than enough and are generously giving to others because you know how it feels to not have your needs.

Unexpected pregnancy? BREAKTHROUGH! That child has a purpose in your life.

Your longtime friendship ended? They can't go with you where you are going. BREAKTHROUGH! You are blessed with a circle of friends that want to see you win. 

Just trust in God and follow his path for you. Are you ready for your destiny? Are you ready for your breakthrough? 

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