Lisa Smith-Williams

CEO and Co-Founder of Kiss of Beauty Fitness Store, LLC. \ Master of Education \ Certified Texas Educator \ Mother of two \ Bossy wife/Business Partner to a Houstonian \ Home traveler at my own home \ Texas born and raised.

Born in Seguin, Texas, to a maintenance man and a janitor, Lisa knew that she wanted something more in her life.  She was extremely poor as a kid and her family often collected cans at the local park to sell so that they can purchase food. They could not afford to go out and Lisa’s idea of fun was playing outside with all the neighborhood kids until the street lights came on.

As a child Lisa was very active at school and was involved in lots of activities. After years as a ballerina and member of the school marching band, Lisa was diagnosed with Scoliosis. It was so extreme that she had major back surgery at the age of 14. That same year she experienced a form of abuse and Lisa’s behavior began to spin out of control. She started running away from home and cutting classes at school. The crazy thing was, her teachers never noticed the change in her behavior. Luckily, she graduated at the top of her class.

After her high school graduation, Lisa enrolled at an HBCU in Austin, Texas. She was constantly reminded of the abuse she had experienced as a kid and tried to suppress her depression through partying. By her sophomore year she had managed to crash her GPA.

The only positive thing that came from that time in her life that year was the courtship with her now husband, Brandon. After her sophomore year, Lisa followed Brandon to Houston, Texas. There, they started a family and she graduated from Texas Southern University with a degree in Liberal Arts.

After graduation and feeling lost on where to start with her career, she reminded herself about how far she had became. She then thought about how difficult it was to get there. She remembered how emotionally difficult it was her high school years and how none of her teachers seem to notice that she was crying out for help. It was then when she decided that she would become and educator. She wanted to make a change.

She taught elementary and loved it. By the age of 29 moved up in her career and eventually became an administrator. It was then when she decided that she wanted to be a leader and be an inspiration to young women. She received her Master’s in Education from Lamar University and set off to continue her mission in helping children.

Fast forward to today, after a health scare, Lisa resigned her position as an Assistant Principal and her husband and herself founded the Kiss of Beauty Fitness Store. They wanted to bring awareness to women about the importance of physical and mental health. You can often find Lisa blogging and encouraging women to share their life stories to impact and help others.

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